"Heat-Trapping Gases Broke Records In 2018, Climate Crisis Report Finds"

"Report finds 2018 was the fourth-warmest on record since the mid-to-late- 1800s and sea levels were the highest on record".

"The gases heating the planet in 2018 were higher than humans have ever recorded, according to an authoritative new report from the American Meteorological Society and the US government.

Greenhouse gas levels topped 60 years of modern measurements and 800,000 years of ice core data, the study found. The data used in the 325-page report is collected from more than 470 scientists in 60 countries.

The global annual average for carbon dioxide – which is elevated because of human activities like driving cars and burning fuel – was 407.4 parts per million, 2.4 ppm higher than in 2017."

Emily Holden reports for the Guardian August 12, 2019.

Source: Guardian, 08/13/2019