"House Passes Delay for EPA's Obama-era Ozone Standards"

"The House on Tuesday passed, 229-199, a bill to delay the compliance date for Obama-era ground level ozone standards.

The measure (HR 806) now heads to the Senate, where its fortunes do not appear as clear after Senate Democrats expressed strong opposition to similar language appearing in legislation before the Environment and Public Works Committee.

The House vote on Tuesday represents a victory for Republican and industry advocates who say the standards set in late 2015 by the Obama administration were too economically burdensome for states to meet. The vote also could give EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt more time to change the standards after the agency already delayed by a year an initial step in the process to identify areas that don’t meet the requirements."

Jeremy Dillon reports for Roll Call July 18, 2017.

Source: Roll Call, 07/19/2017