House Slips Nuclear Subsidy into Continuing Resolution

Loan guarantees for commercial nuclear power plants whose risks are too great to attract free-market capital could be slipped by Congress into a final "continuing resolution," anti-nuclear advocates are warning. President Obama urged an increase in nuclear loan guarantees earlier this year, but it has not gone through, because it was packaged with the cap-and-trade bill and the renewable energy standard. Now the administration is reported to be pushing for it again. A variety of news and advocacy organizations were telling parts of the story as the 111th Congress lurched toward a close December 7, 2010.

At about 7pm ET Dec. 8, the Nuclear Energy Institute reported via Twitter that the House had passed, 212-206, a Continuing Resolution for FY 2011 containing $7 billion in additional money for nuclear loan guarantees.

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Source: Reports, 12/09/2010