"How Climate Lawsuits Could Sharpen Cop27 Loss And Damage Talks"

"If international solidarity with climate victims falls short, litigation offers a vital but imperfect avenue for compensation".

"Loss and damage has been at the heart of much media reporting about the upcoming Cop27 climate talks in Egypt in November.

With flooding in Pakistan “likely” made worse by global warming and droughts in the Northern Hemisphere exacerbated by high temperatures, the idea that climate change is already having serious impacts around the world that can’t be adapted to is no longer up for debate.

But who will pay for all this damage is much less certain.

The most vulnerable countries have been trying to get concrete action on loss and damage for three decades. Early proposals sought to set up a global fund, initially framed as “insurance”, that nations would pay into based on their contributions to global greenhouse gas emissions and their capacity to pay (see this timeline by Carbon Brief). "

Isabella Kaminski reports for Climate Home News November 2, 2022.

Source: Climate Home News, 11/03/2022