"How a Natural Gas Group Pushed For New Energy Curriculum In Texas"

"Concerned that environmental groups were winning the hearts and minds of Texas schoolchildren — filling their heads with statements of the ills of fossil fuels — a politically connected Texas natural gas industry advocacy group devised a plan to fight back.

The group, the Texas Natural Gas Foundation, whose founding members include academics and politicians with ties to the natural gas industry, collaborated with a state energy office and the University of Texas to develop classroom materials for teachers to present both the pros and cons of traditional and alternative energy sources.

Already, at least 20 teachers have been trained in the material and taken it back to their classrooms — including at least one teacher in Austin, one from Round Rock and one from Georgetown — and the Texas Natural Gas Foundation is raising money to promote the material in classrooms across Texas and beyond."

Asher Price reports for the Austin American-Statesman July 6, 2018.

Source: Austin American-Statesman, 07/10/2018