"On The Hunt For Yellowstone’s Bison"

"Deer and elk were no problem for Kashius Gleason. The 19-year-old member of the Yakama Nation had hunted plenty of them around his reservation in the state of Washington.

Yet standing in freezing temperatures at the doorstep of Yellowstone at daybreak one February morning, he was nervous as a herd of bison trekked out of the park. He had driven 16 hours with his family to get to this snowy basin, and didn’t want to miss.

“It was my first time shooting something different,” he said.

Every winter, Gleason’s family makes the journey from southern Washington to the northern border of Yellowstone in Montana to gain a semblance of something they had lost."

Photos by Louise Johns and reporting by Dino Grandoni in the Washington Post May 13, 2023.

Source: Washington Post, 05/15/2023