"Hydro-Fracking Fight Hijacks Spill Bill"

"The fight over the Senate offshore drilling 'spill bill' shifted Wednesday from the Gulf of Mexico to the mountains of western Pennsylvania, as Republicans slammed the last-minute inclusion of language to regulate a controversial technique to extract onshore natural gas. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) added the language Tuesday requiring natural gas drillers to disclose the chemicals they pump into the ground as part of the hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking, process. Republicans are wary of the addition, which comes on Page 404 of the 409-page spill response bill that Reid wants the Senate to take up before the recess. The language is not in the bill the House will vote on by Friday." Coral Davenport reports for Politico July 29, 2010. SEE ALSO: "Energy Bill, Focusing on Conservation, Can't Shake Calls for RES" (ClimateWire) "Senate Unveils Energy Bill, Doubts On Passage" (Reuters)
Source: Politico, 07/29/2010