"Inside The Movement To Remake America’s City Streets"

"The automobile has been a fixture of urban life for more than a century.

Then came the coronavirus pandemic. Congested streets turned into pedestrian safe havens.

Now many want to make those changes permanent — but it won’t happen without a fight."

"Golden Gate Park is pretty serene, as far as battlefields go.

On a recent, unusually sunny afternoon, the emerald of this city’s green space was alive with people moving about its main thoroughfare. Cyclists buzzed past roller skaters, who shimmied around joggers, who lapped the many pedestrians.

One runner paused to play a roadside piano. A father and son rallied on a ping pong table. Dogs abounded. The one constituency not present: cars.

For some, this fact explained the peace. For others, it signaled defeat."

Reis Thebault reports for the Washington Post with videos by Alice Li March 15, 2023.


"15-Minute Cities: What Are They And How Do They Work?" (DW)


Source: Washington Post, 03/16/2023