"Interior Dept. Warns Shell on Arctic Drilling"

"WASHINGTON -- The Shell Oil Company must provide a detailed plan addressing numerous safety and operational issues that plagued its efforts to extract oil beneath the Arctic Ocean last year if it wants to resume drilling off the coast of Alaska, the Interior Department said Thursday."

"Shell has already announced that it will not return to the Arctic Ocean in 2013, saying it would take a “pause” to repair its damaged equipment and review its drilling and safety systems.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said that would not be enough. He said the company must demonstrate to the government and an independent reviewer that it has the equipment, the management capacity and a plan for all contingencies before it can resume operations."

John Broder reports for the New York Times March 14, 2013.


"Salazar on Arctic Drilling: 'Shell Screwed Up in 2012'" (Los Angeles Times)

Source: NY Times, 03/15/2013