Irma US Toll Now 22 As Power Restored To Over 2 Million Fla. Customers

"The death toll from Hurricane Irma has climbed to 22 in the United States following its path of destruction across the Caribbean and through the Southeast U.S. over the weekend, while power has now been restored to over 2 million customers in Florida.

And Monroe County announced Tuesday night that all 42 bridges in the county were inspected and "deemed safe for vehicles."

By late Tuesday, Florida Power & Light Co. had restored power to 2.3 million customers, which was 40 percent of those affected across the state; about 4.4 million customers in Florida are still without power as of Tuesday afternoon. The company said its customers on the state's east coast should expect most power to be restored by about Sept. 17, while customers on the state's west coast should expect most power to be restored by Sept. 22."

Emily Shapiro, Karma Allen, and Julia Jacobo report for ABC News September 12, 2017.


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Source: ABC News, 09/13/2017