Judge Directs EPA To Cough Up A Timeline For Finalizing Coal Ash Rules

"WASHINGTON -- A federal judge has called on the Environmental Protection Agency to come up with a plan for finalizing federal regulations on coal ash that have been stalled for four years."

"The EPA started working on new regulations for coal ash disposal after a dam ruptured at a coal ash impoundment in Tennessee in December 2008, spilling 1.1 billion gallons of coal slurry.

Coal ash is the dust-like material left behind when coal is burned to generate electricity. Power plants create more than 130 million tons of this ash per year, and much of it is mixed with water and left in containment ponds like the one that burst in Tennessee."

Kate Sheppard reports for Huffington Post October 29, 2013.


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Source: Huffington Post, 10/30/2013