Keystone XL Pipeline's Fate To Provide Early Test for Re-Elected Obama

"Almost as soon as the networks had declared victory for President Obama last night, environmental activists announced plans for a White House protest over the fate of a controversial oil pipeline."

"It was a reminder of one of the biggest energy policy decisions Obama will have to make in his second term: whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline that would transport crude from Canada's oil sands to the Texas Gulf Coast.

In putting off a final decision on Keystone until after the election, Obama was seen as giving himself some breathing room to make a call likely to upset a key Democratic constituency whichever way it went. Approving the pipeline would anger environmental groups who say developing the oil sands would sound a death knell for the climate. But denying it would upset labor unions in sectors that would benefit from the thousands of jobs that would be created through its construction."

Nick Juliano reports for Greenwire November 7, 2012.

Source: Greenwire, 11/08/2012