Krugman Debunks His Own Paper’s Praise Of Trump War On Environmental Regs

"On Monday, the New York Times published an absurd piece about President Donald Trump’s war on health and environmental regulations, ignoring the terrible human cost of Trump’s effort while claiming it is boosting business investment.

The front-page story is so egregious that one of the the paper’s leading columnists, Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, eviscerated it in a series of tweets on Tuesday morning.

The original piece claims that U.S. businesses are supposedly investing more in factories and equipment because Trump is rolling back existing regulations and promising to minimize new regulations.

“There is no evidence — none — that regulation actually deters investment,” Krugman tweeted, linking to Monday’s piece."

Joe Romm writes for Think Progress January 2, 2017.


"The Trump Effect: Business, Anticipating Less Regulation, Loosens Purse Strings" (New York Times)

Source: Think Progress, 01/03/2018