"Lawmakers, 13 Bills Seek Answers to Nonstick Chemical Pollution"

"Lawmakers have been laying the groundwork for months to come up with solutions to a growing headache for water providers in all corners of the U.S.

House members are meeting today to discuss a strategy for moving through Congress over a dozen bills on pollution from poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)—chemicals linked to thyroid and liver problems, cancer, and immune system deficiencies.

The problem is enormous.

Since 1949, manufacturers have used thousands of different PFAS chemicals in everything from fast-food wrappers to nonstick pans to fire-extinguishing foam. The chemically stable compounds resist heat and accumulate easily in humans and animals."

Tiffany Stecker and Pat Rizzuto report for Bloomberg Environment May 15, 2019.

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 05/15/2019