"Lawsuit Tries To Block Roundup Of Nearly 10,000 Wild Mustangs"

"RENO, Nev. — Animal rights activists are suing to block what they say is an unprecedented federal plan to capture thousands of wild horses over 10 years in Nevada without the legally required environmental reviews intended to protect the mustangs and U.S. rangeland.

Friends of Animals accuse the U.S. Bureau of Land Management violating the National Environmental Policy Act and other laws by approving the removal of nearly 10,000 mustangs across an area near the Nevada-Utah line almost twice as big as the state of Delaware.

The “roundup decision is unprecedented in size and scope,” according to the suit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Reno."

Scott Sonner reports for the Associated Press January 29, 2018.


"New U.S. Budget Proposes Allowing Mustang Slaughter, Opening Door to Wild Horse Meat on Dinner Tables" (Newsweek)

Source: AP, 01/31/2018