"Locals Have Been Sounding The Alarm For Years About Lahaina Wildfire Risk"

"While the inferno spread shockingly fast, it didn’t come out of nowhere."

"David woke suddenly in the mid-afternoon. The 56-year-old chef could hear commotion outside and scrambled up from his nap, finding his roommates on the roof of their shared home, holding garden hoses and spraying water on a raging inferno licking closer by the minute.

“No, brah, we got to go,” he yelled. He couldn’t believe they hadn’t woken him up, or the dog who had been lounging in his room, that they were attempting to hose down the fast-growing flames instead of getting away from them as fast as possible. “We got to go!” He ran into the street. It was Tuesday, Aug. 8, and in the town of Lahaina in West Maui, people were screaming and running as the sky rained embers.

There was no warning from anyone about the fast-moving fire — no text, no officials knocking on his door, no sirens.

“It was just, boom!” he said later. “You saw a fire and you’re going to die. That’s how fast it happened. Run for your life.”

That’s what he did."

Anita Hofschneider reports for Grist August 17, 2023.


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Source: Grist, 08/21/2023