"Matt Damon Fracking Film Lights Up Petroleum Lobby"

"The premiere of a Hollywood film featuring hydraulic fracturing is months away, but the energy industry already is preparing for battle."

"'Promised Land' stars Matt Damon as a gas-company salesman trying to lease natural-gas drilling rights in rural Pennsylvania, where fracking has become a widespread, though sometimes controversial, technique to release natural gas from shale deposits.

Worried that the movie will portray fracking in a negative light, the industry is working up responses that it says could include bombarding film reviewers with scientific studies, distributing leaflets to moviegoers and mounting a 'truth-squad' effort on Twitter and Facebook."

Daniel Gilbert reports for the Wall St. Journal October 7, 2012. You can get an "article free pass" to this paid content by pasting the headline into the Google search field and clicking on the result.

Source: Wall St. Journal, 10/08/2012