"Methylene Chloride Riskier Than EPA Estimates, Groups Say"

"The widely used solvent methylene chloride poses an even greater chance of hurting people and the environment than the EPA found in an analysis that determined most uses of the chemical are too risky, environmental, health, and labor groups said Dec. 3.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s draft methylene chloride analysis examined about 138 ways factory floor workers, office staff, and do-it-yourself homeowners and their families could be exposed to the solvent as they carry out tasks like cleaning industrial equipment, producing medicines, or removing gunk from a car’s engine.

Of those 138 exposure scenarios, 113 posed too great a risk of injuring at least one or more groups of people, such as consumers or workers, the EPA’S draft evaluation said."

Pat Rizzuto reports for Bloomberg Environment December 3, 2019.

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 12/05/2019