"Obama's $2 Billion Plan To Wean US Off Foreign Oil"

"If the Obama administration has its way, $2 billion in new revenue from offshore oil drilling will fund research into how to wean American drivers off imported oil."

"Speaking Friday at Argonne National Laboratory – the high-tech incubator that produced battery breakthroughs for today’s plug-in vehicles – President Obama proposed an 'Energy Security Trust Fund' to finance research into batteries for plug-in vehicles and other 'breakthrough technologies,' such as hydrogen fuel cells and cleaner biofuels.

The idea, Mr. Obama noted, comes from a group of retired military officers and corporate executives called Securing America's Future Energy or SAFE, and it is not primarily about the economy or the environment but national security."

Mark Clayton reports for the Christian Science Monitor March 15, 2013.


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Source: Christian Science Monitor, 03/18/2013