"Obama's Climate Plan Aims Straight at Coal"

"President Barack Obama's plan to curb climate change could transform American energy, potentially dealing a blow to the coal-fired power plants that supply much of the nation's electricity but also pump planet-warming gases into the atmosphere."


"The centerpiece of Obama's blueprint is his promise to limit the greenhouse gas emissions of America's power plants. The plants produce an estimated 40 percent of the nation's carbon dioxide emissions that scientists link to global warming.

His proposed new regulations could increase utility costs for American consumers and harm regional economies tied to coal, which generates about 37 percent of all U.S. electricity. Coal already is suffering as utilities switch to cheap and cleaner-burning natural gas, and pollution limits would speed its decline.

Stocks of some major coal companies dropped in advance of Obama's announcement. Coal state senators called the proposed regulations a "war on coal" that would hurt the economies and jobs in their states and the entire country."

Sean Cockerham and Erika Bolstad report for the McClatchy Washington Bureau June 25, 2013.


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Source: McClatchy, 06/28/2013