Oil Execs On Trump’s ‘Opening The Country’ Council Are Major GOP Donors

"The 12-member energy panel includes eight fossil fuel executives who have donated $4.2 million to Republican candidates and PACs since June 2016."

"Eight fossil fuel executives tapped for a White House task force advising President Donald Trump on how to reopen the U.S. economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic have donated millions to Trump and other Republican campaigns and political committees in recent years.

Earlier this month, the White House named nearly 200 corporate executives and business leaders to its so-called “Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups” ― which Trump has called the  “Opening the Country” council ― in 17 separate areas ranging from agriculture and banking to sports and “thought leaders.”

“These bipartisan groups of American leaders will work together with the White House to chart the path forward toward a future of unparalleled American prosperity,” Trump said in a statement accompanying the April 14 announcement. “The health and wealth of America is the primary goal, and these groups will produce a more independent, self-sufficient, and resilient Nation.”"

Chris D’Angelo reports for HuffPost April 29, 2020.

Source: HuffPost, 04/30/2020