Opponents walk Atlantic Coast Pipeline Route in 5 Virginia Counties

"BUCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. — Although the 'No Pipeline' signs speak for themselves, don’t call it a protest. According to organizers, Walking the Line: Into the Heart of Virginia, is a moving celebration of what’s on the line — literally and figuratively — of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline route that bisects Virginia on a northwest to southeast diagonal.

'We did not walk to protest. We walked to celebrate. To celebrate the land and what’s there, the beauty, the people, what can be destroyed by Dominion’s pipeline,' said lead organizer Lee White, while addressing the crowd assembled to honor the end of the two-week trek.  

Walking the Line started near the West Virginia border in Highland County, Va., on June 16, continued through Bath, Augusta and Nelson counties and wrapped up with a church service, water ceremony and community meal at Union Hill Baptist church in Buckingham County on July 2."

Kara West reports for the The Daily Climate July 7, 2017.

Source: Daily Climate, 07/07/2017