"Oregon Workers Sprayed With Weed Killers: 8 Videos Show It"

"For 17 days this spring, Darryl Ivy worked on a crew racing against the clock to spray weed killers on clearcuts in Oregon's forests.

The chemicals are sprayed to kill and control weeds that would otherwise compete with Douglas firs, the timber industry's money crop.

Ivy said he was told the sprays wouldn't hurt him. He couldn't believe what he was expected to endure. As we explained in a story today, he began filming his working conditions. He provided hours of videos and hundreds of photos to The Oregonian/OregonLive."

Rob Davis reports for the Portland Oregonian May 21, 2015.


"Narrow weed killer no-spray zones endorsed by House committee" (Portland Oregonian)

Source: Portland Oregonian, 05/22/2015