"Paris Climate Deal Thrown Into Uncertainty By US Election Result"

"Many fear Donald Trump will reverse the ambitious course set by Barack Obama, withdraw the US from the accord and increase fossil-fuel spending".

"Just days after the historic Paris agreement officially came into force, climate denier Donald Trump’s victory has thrown the global deal into uncertainty and raised fears that the US will reverse the ambitious environmental course charted under Barack Obama.

International environmental groups meeting at the UN climate talks in Morocco said it would be a catastrophe if Trump acted on his pledge to withdraw the US from the deal, which took 20 years to negotiate, and to increase federal spending on oil, gas and coal.

They urged the president-elect, as the leader of the second greatest greenhouse gas emitter, to act in the interests of all the world."

John Vidal reports for the Guardian November 9, 2016.


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Source: Guardian, 11/09/2016