People Don’t Have To Pay Anything For Electricity In This Florida Community

"In Hunters Point, Fla., the world’s first LEED Zero Energy certified residential development, every house produces more electricity than it uses".

"HUNTERS POINT, Fla. — In this Florida development, no one pays an electricity bill.

It’s not because of subsidies, but by design: All of the 86 homes built or planned in Hunters Point, a residential development about an hour south of Tampa, boast 14 solar panels and a 12-kilowatt-hour home battery in the utility closet.

On a typical afternoon, the solar panels on William and Sueann Fulford’s three-story house produce twice as much power as it consumes. They use some of the extra electricity to charge their battery, which powers their home through the night, and sell the rest to the power grid. The couple had been paying electric bills as high as $600 a month at times in their previous home in Virginia Beach.

“We haven’t had a power bill yet,” said William, 76, a retired contractor who spent decades building custom homes before moving to Florida. “If I ever do build another house, it’s going to have solar. It makes quite a difference.”"

Nicolás Rivero reports for the Washington Post January 6, 2024.

Source: Washington Post, 01/08/2024