"Power Plant Owners Get EPA Options to Prevent Fish Kills"

"The Obama administration issued rules that give operators of power plant and factories an array of options to prevent fish from being killed when water is used to cool machinery.

After 20 years of legal wrangling, the Environmental Protection Agency issued final rules today to avoid the death of an estimated 2.1 billion fish, crabs or shrimp that are sucked up in water intakes or caught against protective screens each year.

“If you have cooling water intakes you have to look at the impact on aquatic life in local waterways and take steps to minimize that impact,” said Nancy Stoner, EPA’s top water official, said in a statement. "

Mark Drajem reports for Bloomberg News May 19, 2014.


"EPA Rule on Fish Kills at Plants Angers Environmentalists" (Bloomberg)

Source: Bloomberg, 05/21/2014