"PragerU Says It's Approved In Texas Schools. It's Not."

"The conservative group's big announcement that its climate denial videos were approved in Texas public schools appears to be a lie, the Texas State Board of Education tells HEATED."

"For the last week, Arielle and I have been trying to report more deeply on the fossil-fueled effort to teach climate denial in public schools.

Specifically, we’ve been looking into the Prager University Foundation, the self-proclaimed “world’s leading conservative nonprofit,” which recently got its “educational” materials on climate change approved for use in Florida public schools.

PragerU’s materials, which have been widely reported on by mainstream media, falsely claim that heat records around the world are “natural;” that wind and solar power pollute the Earth and make life miserable; and compare climate activists to Nazis."

Emily Atkin and Arielle Samuelson report for HEATED August 22, 2023.

Source: HEATED, 08/23/2023