"Public Lands: Trump Admin Slashes Grazing Fee"

"The Trump administration will once again cut the fee ranchers pay to graze livestock on millions of public acres, dropping the per-animal rate by nearly 25 percent for the coming year.

The Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service announced yesterday that the agencies will charge $1.41 per animal unit month or per head month, respectively, beginning in March.

The federal grazing fee, calculated for every cow and calf; one horse; or five sheep or goats per month, is currently $1.87.

In President Obama's final year in office, the federal grazing fee reached $2.11, the highest it had been since 1981, when grazing fees peaked at $2.31."

Jennifer Yachnin reports for Greenwire January 31, 2018.

Source: Greenwire, 02/01/2018