Report Raises New Concerns About EPA Probe of Texas Fracking

"The Environmental Protection Agency was justified in intervening to examine possible risks of gas drilling to Texas drinking water, the agency's internal watchdog reported Tuesday. But environmentalists say the report raises fresh concerns about the EPA's 2012 decision to halt its investigation into possible well water contamination in Parker County, Texas."

"The EPA Inspector General's report is the latest analysis to spotlight the regulator's handling of high-profile cases of alleged drinking-water contamination near natural gas drilling sites.

Over the past three years, the EPA has sampled water in Dimock, Pa.; Pavillion, Wyo.; and Parker County, Texas, after residents complained that their water had turned foul once natural gas drilling began nearby. In each case, the EPA found evidence of contamination, but declined to pursue further water sampling or disciplinary action against the energy companies."

Neela Banerjee reports for Los Angeles Times/McClatchy December 24, 2013.


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Source: LA Times, 12/26/2013