"Rockefeller Still Pushing EPA Stall"

"Looks like attempts to block the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating carbon dioxide won't be delayed for too long. After Democrats managed to avoid a struggle over the issue in the Appropriations Committee this week, Sen. Jay Rockefeller again pledged on Wednesday that there will be a vote this year on his measure to delay the agency's rules on planet-warming gases.

Speaking at a pro-coal rally sponsored by the industry and supporters on the Hill today, Rockefeller said he believes he has 53 votes lined up for his measure, and believes another seven votes are "highly gettable," reports CongressDaily.

The vote probably won't come before the November elections at least; Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters that it would be held 'this year' but 'not before we leave.' There's not a whole lot of time for votes this session, and Reid likely doesn't want to take a vote on a highly contentious issue that's likely to divide the caucus right before the election. That means a vote on Rockefeller's measure would probably come in a lame-duck session after the election."

Kate Sheppard reports for Mother Jones September 15, 2010.


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Thursday, September 16, 2010
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