"Saudi-Led Oil Lobby Group Financed 2012 Dark Money Attack Ads"

"The 'American' in American Petroleum Institute, the country's largest oil lobby group, is a misnomer. As I reported for The Nation in August, the group has changed over the years, and is now led by men like Tofiq Al-Gabsani, a Saudi Arabian national who heads a Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco) subsidiary, the state-run oil company that also helps finance the American Petroleum Institute. Al-Gabsani is also a registered foreign agent for the Saudi government."

"New disclosures retrieved today, showing some of API's spending over the course of last year, reveal that API used its membership dues (from the world's largest oil companies like Chevron and Aramco) to finance several dark money groups airing attack ads in the most recent election cycle."

Lee Fang reports for The Nation November 29, 2012.


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Source: Nation, 11/30/2012