School Strike for Climate: What Kids Face If World Leaders Delay Action

"When today's leaders were Greta’s age, scientists were already issuing strong warnings about climate change."

"Scientists were warning about the risks of climate change and the burning of fossil fuels when today's world leaders were Greta Thunberg's age.

The Swedish 16-year-old, frustrated with the pace of government action to deal with climate change, launched a "school strike for climate" last year. It set off an international youth movement that is drawing attention to the growing risks for their generation as global temperatures continue to rise.

"People always tell us that they are so hopeful. They are hopeful that the young people are going to save the world, but we are not. There is simply not enough time to wait for us to grow up and become the ones in charge," Thunberg told the European Economic Social Committee in one of several speeches she has given to government and business leaders in recent months.

On March 15, young people in over 100 countries planned to hold school strikes calling for action on climate change."

Paul Horn reports for InsideClimate News March 15, 2019.


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Source: InsideClimate News, 03/15/2019