School Tuna Contains Excessive Mercury, Environmentalists' Report Says

"Canned albacore tuna purchased by U.S. schools contains more mercury than what government officials have reported, raising the risks for some tuna-loving kids, according to a new study from a coalition of advocacy groups."

"Children who eat two medium servings of albacore, or white, tuna per week could be exposed to as much as six times the dose that federal guidelines consider safe, according to the report prepared for the Mercury Policy Project. It is the first study to test the mercury content of tuna brands purchased by schools. The report recommends that all children avoid eating albacore tuna. In addition, it advises children under 55 pounds to limit 'light' tuna to one meal no more than once a month, and twice a month for children over that weight. The recommendations are much more restrictive than any experts have previously recommended."

Brett Israel reports for Environmental Health News September 19, 2012.

Source: EHN, 09/20/2012