"Senate Passes Lejeune Water-Contamination Bill"

"WASHINGTON -- After an impasse with a South Carolina senator was broken, the Senate passed a historic bill Wednesday by unanimous consent that would help thousands of sick Marine veterans and their families who were exposed to contaminated water at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C."

"Sens. Patty Murray, a Washington state Democrat who’s the head of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, and Jim DeMint, a South Carolina Republican, brokered the deal on the Senate floor moments before she was expected to force his hand by publicly calling for a unanimous-consent vote on the measure.

Instead, she announced that they’d reached a 'gentlemen’s agreement' on modifications DeMint had been seeking in the bill."

Franco Ordonez reports for McClatchy Newspapers July 17, 2012.
McClatchy Newspapers


"Congressman: Documents About Camp Lejeune’s Toxic Water Add To Evidence of Military Cover-Up" (Associated Press)

Source: McClatchy, 07/23/2012