"Shell Arctic Drill Ship Gets Pass on Air Emissions Limits"

"The Obama administration has cleared another hurdle for Shell to drill in Alaska’s Arctic waters – the second in as many days – changing the company’s air pollution limits so its drill ship can operate in the Chukchi Sea."

"Shell told the Environmental Protection Agency in June that the company was able to meet overall air quality standards. But it said a set of generators on the drilling rig Noble Discoverer fell short of the specific requirements for nitrous oxide and ammonia emissions.

The EPA now has agreed to allow the drill ship to go ahead and operate in Arctic waters while the agency decides how to handle Shell’s request for a revised permit.

Shell praised the decision Friday as a reasonable accommodation that will let it get to work while still limiting its emissions."

Sean Cockerham reports for McClatchy Newspapers August 31, 2012.

Source: McClatchy, 09/04/2012