"Spreading The Climate-Gospel: The Rise Of 'Green Churches'"

"From sermons about climate justice to carbon-neutral church halls and eco-friendly initiatives like recycling candles, a growing number of churches are going green."

"Tulips and roses grown in Kenya no longer grace the altar at Bellahøj Kirke in northern Copenhagen.

Today the 160-seat church prefers local, seasonal flowers — which, along with the bread and wine used in its Holy Communion services, are organic. Bellahøj Kirke also recycles everything from paper and cardboard to clothing and candles. It's all part of a drive to make the church more eco-friendly, explains parishioner Hanna Smidt.

"The [climate] crisis is here, so what are we going to do about it?" she says.

In Bellahøj Kirke's case, the answer was to sign up to Denmark's burgeoning Grøn Kirke (Green Church) scheme. Operated by the Danish National Council of Churches, the scheme encourages churches in the Scandinavian country to take concrete steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

To participate, a church must meet at least 25 of the scheme's 48 criteria — which include reducing energy consumption, composting organic waste, holding meetings via Skype to minimize travel, and holding sermons about the climate crisis."

James Clasper reports for Deutsche Welle January 21, 2020.

Source: Deutsche Welle, 01/22/2020