"Strangled Ohio Wind Industry: 'We Don't Want To Give Up'"

"For the past five years, wind developers in Ohio have faced what they describe as among the most restrictive turbine-siting rules anywhere in the United States.

More challenges may be mounting.

Ohio lawmakers are now considering a controversial energy bill, H.B. 6, that would eliminate or weaken the state's renewable energy standard — a long-sought move by Republicans that would further undermine wind development there. Another legislative effort would increase the risk faced in siting new projects (Energywire, May 24).

Yet in spite of it all, some of the nation's largest renewable energy developers haven't turned their back on the Buckeye State — at least not yet."

Jeffrey Tomich reports for EnergyWire July 12, 2019.

Source: EnergyWire, 07/15/2019