"Supreme Court: 4 Climate Questions For Barrett"

"Senators are getting ready to grill Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett next week on a wide variety of issues including reproductive rights and health care access.

It's unclear if she will face questions on climate, but at 48, Barrett is poised for a lifetime appointment on a bench that could eventually grapple with major legal battles over rising temperatures, swelling seas and rampant wildfires.

While climate litigation has exploded in recent years, many cases are still making their way through the lower courts. The Supreme Court last week agreed to review a procedural battle stemming from Baltimore's effort to get the oil and gas industry to pay up for global warming impacts, but the judiciary has not yet sunk its teeth into the meat of many climate disputes (Climatewire, Oct. 5)."

Jennifer Hijazi reports for E&E News October 9, 2020.


"How Trump's Supreme Court Pick Might Hinder Climate Action" (NPR)


Source: E&E News, 10/12/2020