Texas Prisoners Struggle To Endure Heat Wave Without Air Conditioning

"A deadly heat wave continues across the Southwest, and an often forgotten group of people affected are prisoners.

Many inmates struggle to stay cool in aging facilities, including in Texas — where some 100,000 prisoners live in large facilities that lack air conditioning.

One inmate told TPR the best way to describe what it’s like to be in a Texas prison cell without air conditioning is to think of a cookout on a hot day.

“It’s like you’re standing over a grill all day,” he said.

TPR is not using his name because Texas prison rules bar him from giving phone interviews. He also worried about retribution from administrators."

Paul Flahive reports for Texas Public Radio July 19, 2023.


"Inmates Are Dying In Stifling Texas Prisons, But The State Seldom Acknowledges Heat As A Cause Of Death" (Texas Tribune)

Source: Texas Public Radio, 07/25/2023