"These Animals Are Already Adapting to a Changing Climate"

"A warming world is forcing wildlife to adjust in unexpected ways",

"Climate change is one of the top five drivers of extinction, but it’s not always a zero-sum game. In general, scientists expect species will have to move upward in elevation or latitude to cope in a warming world. However, in California, many animals have been adapting to their mutating environments in ingenious ways. They’re prioritizing environmental preferences other than temperature, they’re switching their diets, they’re altering their genetic makeup, and they’re changing their reproductive behaviors.

Scientists still cannot tell if these adaptations, no matter how impressive, will be enough to help animals weather the impacts of climate change successfully. Solving this mystery is at the heart of research that might help conservationists save species from vanishing. Here are four groups of animals that experts say are already evolving to meet climate change head on."

Sofia Quaglia reports for Sierra magazine August 17, 2023.

Source: Sierra, 08/21/2023