"Toxic Wildfire Smoke Raises Health Risks Across The Country"

"The airborne particulates and gases are causing chronic problems for more Americans, experts say".

"State public health officials and experts are increasingly concerned about residents’ chronic exposure to toxin-filled smoke.

This year has seen the most wildfires of the past decade, with more than 59,000 fires burning nearly 7 million acres nationwide, according to the National Interagency Fire Center. Although the total area burned is less than in some recent years, heavy smoke has still blanketed communities throughout the country.

Climate change is causing more frequent and severe wildfires, harming Americans’ health, said Lisa Patel, deputy executive director of the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health, which raises awareness about the health effects of climate change.

“The data we have is very scary,” she said. “We are living through a natural experiment right now — we’ve never had fires this frequently.”"

Matt Vasilogambros reports for the Washington Post November 13, 2022.


Source: Washington Post, 11/16/2022