"Toxics Pervade Kids’ Products, Washington Disclosure Law Shows"

"SEATTLE -- Makers of children’s products report that they are using toxic chemicals in children’s toys, clothing, safety products and bedding. The reports were filed with the State of Washington in 2013 under the state’s new disclosure law, the Children’s Safe Products Act, the country’s only such law."

"A study summarizing these reports, “What’s on Your List? Toxic Chemicals in Your Shopping Cart,” reveals the prevalence of chemicals that can cause cancer, hormone disruption, and reproductive and developmental problems in childrens products on the shelves of many of the country’s largest retailers.

A total of 78 companies such as Walmart, Target, Safeway, Walgreens, Nike, and Toys 'R' Us sell products containing the 66 harmful chemicals designated by the State of Washington for reporting under the Children’s Safe Products Act."

Environment News Service had the story February 6, 2014.

Source: ENS, 02/07/2014