"Tribe Sets New Spokane River Pollution Standards"

"The Spokane Tribe of Indians has adopted new water quality standards aimed at protecting the health of members who eat a subsistence diet of nearly two pounds of fish daily."

"The tribe’s new standards will apply to the Spokane River as it runs through the 159,000-acre Spokane Indian Reservation. Eventually, the stricter standards could force those upstream to reduce the amount of cancer-causing PCBs they discharge to meet tribal standards on downstream stretches of the Spokane River.

The new standards are based on “what we used to consume and we’d like to consume without it being a hazard to our health,” said Brian Crossley, the tribe’s water and fish program manager."

Becky Kramer reports for the Spokane Spokesman-Review January 6, 2014.

Source: Spokane Spokesman-Review, 01/07/2014