"Trump Allies Target NOAA Climate Research"

"A planning document for a second Trump administration also recommends the National Weather Service commercialize its forecasting operations."

"Allies of former President Donald Trump don’t just want to muzzle federal climate science if he wins a second term — they also want to upend the agencies that fuel such research.

The strategy is outlined in a governing playbook known as Project 2025 that was written by the Heritage Foundation and dozens of other conservative organizations. It’s designed to serve as a road map for a second Trump administration, and it includes suggestions such as using an executive order to reshape “climate change research programs.”

Adjacent to this effort is a push to scramble the broad government apparatus that collects climate and weather information.

The Project 2025 report takes aim at NOAA, suggests the National Weather Service commercialize its forecasting operations and says information from the National Hurricane Center should be “presented neutrally, without adjustments intended to support any one side in the climate debate.”

Reorganizing NOAA is a key component of these plans. The Project 2025 report says NOAA should be “broken up and downsized” because “its current organization corrupts its useful functions.”"

Scott Waldman reports for E&E News April 10, 2024.

Source: E&E News, 04/12/2024