"Trump EPA Celebrates Cleaner Air While It Rolls Back Regulations"

"The Trump administration is touting strides in cleaning up America’s air, even as it works to roll back Obama-era mandates curbing pollution from power plants, automobiles and oil wells.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s annual air quality report, released Tuesday, documents a 73 percent reduction in sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and other key pollutants between 1970 and 2017, even as the U.S. economy tripled and Americans used more energy. The report’s key message: “Air quality improves as America grows.” ...

The assessment highlights nationwide reductions in emissions, including criteria air pollutants tied to asthma attacks and respiratory diseases. And it credits federal and state regulations on factories, power plants and automobiles as driving the reductions.

Meanwhile, under President Donald Trump, the agency is working to ease some of those mandates."

Jennifer A Dlouhy reports for Bloomberg July 31, 2018.

Source: Bloomberg, 08/01/2018