"Tyson Foods’ Missouri Problem Risks Millions in Government Contracts"

"Tyson Foods could lose around $500 million in government contracts if found guilty in and ongoing criminal probe by the Environmental Protection Agency over the recent release of toxic chemicals at a plant in Monett, Mo.

Since 2000 the U.S. government has awarded Tyson Foods more than $4.7 billion in contract business, but guilty findings in the Monett investigation could end all or some of that lucrative business arrangement.

Tyson Foods doesn’t have a sterling eco-friendly record, and the number of incidents in recent years in Missouri raise concerns among environmental circles. The meat giant’s latest mistake sent Aliment tainted wastewater into the city’s wastewater plant which released high levels of ammonia into Monett’s water system. The ammonia killed an estimated 100,000 fish in a four-mile stretch, according to lawsuits filed in the case."

Kim Souza reports for the City Wire August 26, 2014.

Source: City Wire, 08/27/2014