"US Senate Approves Bill To Ban Russian Uranium Imports"

"WASHINGTON - The U.S. Senate approved on Tuesday legislation to bar imports of Russian uranium, as the United States continues to seek to disrupt Russia's efforts in its war against Ukraine.

The Senate passed the measure by unanimous consent, meaning that no senators objected to it. The House of Representatives passed the bill in December.

Uranium is used to power commercial nuclear reactors that produce electricity.

The legislation would ban the imports 90 days after enactment. It contains waivers in case there were supply concerns for domestic reactors. The bill also frees up $2.7 billion passed in previous legislation to build out the domestic uranium processing industry."

Makini Brice, Steve Holland and Timothy Gardner report for Reuters April 30, 2024.


"Biden to Sign Ban on Russian Uranium, White House says" (Bloomberg)

Source: Reuters, 05/02/2024