"U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments In EPA Air Pollution Case"

"WASHINGTON -- U.S. Supreme Court justices offered President Barack Obama's administration some encouragement on Tuesday as they weighed the lawfulness of a federal regulation limiting air pollution that crosses state lines, mostly emissions from coal-fired power plants."

"Although it was unclear how the court would rule, a majority of the eight justices hearing the case at points in the 90-minute argument voiced some support for the regulation, which has been challenged by some states and industry groups.

The government is defending a regulation issued under the federal Clean Air Act that had been due to go into effect in January 2012, requiring some states to cut the smog and soot that travels from their power plants downwind to states further east.

The ninth justice, Samuel Alito, recused himself from the case for undisclosed reasons."

Lawrence Hurley reports for Reuters December 10, 2013.


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Source: Reuters, 12/11/2013