"Water Pollution: No EPA 'Pattern Of Deception' In Mine Spill — IG"

"U.S. EPA's inspector general found no evidence of the 'pattern of deception' that Republican lawmakers saw in the agency's response to the Gold King mine spill.

A report published today after a nearly two-year investigation concluded EPA did not improperly delay reporting the 3-million-gallon spill from an abandoned Colorado gold mine caused by agency contractors.

'The EPA followed legal requirements, and current policies and guidelines in reporting the release,' the report states.

The inspector general report also offered no recommendations for 'any additional policies or safeguards beyond the actions the EPA has already taken.'  "
Dylan Brown reports for Greenwire June 12, 2017.


"Gold King Mine Release: Inspector General Response to Congressional Requests" (EPA Inspector General)

"Investigators: EPA Had No Rules For Working At Risky Mines" (AP)

Source: Greenwire, 06/13/2017