"Waukegan Harbor Dredging To Commence This Month"

"Long-awaited dredging will begin this month in Waukegan Harbor to remove soil contaminated with hazardous substances at a Superfund site once described as the 'world's worst PCB mess,' officials announced Thursday at the Waukegan Yacht Club."

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will use two hydraulic dredges to remove 153,000 to 182,000 cubic yards of sediment containing polychlorinated biphenyl from the harbor, one of four cleanup sites associated with the former Outboard Marine Corp., officials said.

'It takes persistence,' said Cameron Davis, an EPA administrator. The harbor is going to turn from what was called the 'world's worst PCB mess to one of our best coastal turnaround stories,' he said."

Lisa Black reports for the Chicago Tribune September 7, 2012.

Source: Chicago Tribune, 09/07/2012